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    Shanghai will open up more yacht dock to be zoned for peak sailing time
    2016/8/5 Reading times:[3367]

    發布日期:2014-1-13 10:37:17

    According to the evening news reported that in recent years, the rapid development of the domestic yacht industry, but the number of registered yacht in Shanghai, but the growth is slow, one of the reasons is that the Huangpu River for the yacht dock too little. Reporters yesterday from the Shanghai Maritime Bureau was informed that, in order to meet the Shanghai ship berthing demand, Shanghai will in Songjiang, Qingpu District, add houseboat docked points, and will open more time and area for yachts sailing on the river in the center of the Huangpu River.

    According to reports, China currently has a total of more than 3000 different sizes of yachts, but the number of registered boats in Shanghai is less than 100, far below the coastal provinces of Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other. "Many rich people spend a few million to buy a yacht, all the year round but can not open a few times, most of the rest of the time are drawn on the pier, it is difficult to make the best use of it. Some really want to play the ship's buyers, can only buy a boat in Guangdong and Fujian, to the holidays to go there to open." Industry experts said.

     Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Shanghai Maritime Bureau, in order to promote the development of yacht industry in Shanghai, 23000 in Songjiang, Qingpu Dianshan Lake and other places, as the yacht open new berthing point. "Shanghai yacht, most of the time in the center of the Huangpu River (Xu Pu River Bridge - Wusong) operation. But this section of river basin, there are large merchant ships, freighters, river cruise, ferry and other ships sailing and yacht faces the risk is very big. " According to the maritime bureau relevant personage introduces after the Huangpu River had danger together, a ship loaded with sand ship sailed to Asia boat dock near suddenly out of control, a head hit the shore berthing yachts, but fortunately was boat Nobody, not lead to more accidents.

    In order to increase the protection of the yacht navigation, we are ready to set aside some time on the Huangpu River, and set aside a certain area, specifically for the use of yachts. As a result, yachts and merchant ships, passenger ships will peak trains, a higher safety factor." Relevant responsible person said, in a specific time and region, the maritime sector will of river traffic control, when the boat to break through the limitation of the Huangpu River 8 knots, to 20 knots of high-speed ride on the river, and truly realize the windward travel.

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